Welcome to Got it!... Bazinga!!

What is it? How does it work?
We are all one, we are all connected. By sharing your idea you help yourself. You help others. By taking a look at other people’s ideas, you get inspired. By making an idea real, you are just awesome!

Why share my idea?

Because you engage other people at your world of ideas, you can have direct feedback on them, you can co-operate with others with it and if you’re busy, somebody else might be free and want to give it a spin! And spin other people's ideas too!

And what about your intellectual rights?

Well, the whole idea is to share things, but we believe it takes a lot more time and effort to patent/ keep something hidden, than it takes to share. And while you’re at it, you could think of at least 10 more new ideas. And of course it’s more fun to share and it’s an action of giving.

Why give?

Why give?
What do you have to lose? But for a lot more reasons click here...